“The Elected Officials are a brash, potent, hectic and fervent anarcho-political force, their typical targets are not just the machinations and madness of greedy, toxic corporations, consumer society, and not-so-hallow religion they also focus on everyday DIY efforts to rebuild the future based on both resistance and participation…...In Trumpian times, when sides have been polarized, moods darkened, and lurking violence potentially possible around every comment and glare, the band harnesses discontent, hooks some humor into it, and places it into a global vision of a people struggling for change, like an actual thousand points of light emitting a sound track of punk

that extends well beyond borders and fears. It is the sound of empowerment unfolding.”

--David Ensiminger (Razorcake Magazine) 

Punk Rock Olympics Poster 2016
MDC, Elected Officials, Restarts, Asia Tour 2017
rot in hell malaysia flyer
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The Elected Officials w/ BOE