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“Nothing says “punk” like socially conscious filmmakers who also play fast, angry music. “It was punk rock that inspired the move to make documentary films decades ago,” says Minton. “The subjects we work on definitely influence each other in various ways [and] the more information we have, the better songs we can write.””

—  Alex De Vore, Vote Punk - Five reasons to be at the upcoming VFW show


“Undead Goathead blog The Elected Officials take righteous indignation, and amplify it to high heaven. They embody hardcore, Punk-as-fuck, music with a message. They hit the stage like a Molotov cocktail hits a skyscraper, conquering the venue with their wicked charisma. Rebels with a cause have never sounded so good. ”

—  undead goathead blog



The Elected Officials /Santa fe Reporter article feb 8 PUNK EXCHANGE For those of us who fondly remember being thrown around the room at basement shows, the atmosphere at The Underground is spot-on. And since we so rarely get our grubby mitts on bands like The Elected Officials, Stabbed in Back or APD, this show is mandatory. The main tenets of punk will be well-represented through themes of political strife, getting pissed and straight-up aggression. The Elected Officials always does its city proud, and the inclusion of these fine acts from Albuquerque definitely builds intramural punk relations. So even if you just want to stand still with your arms crossed, sporting a frown, get your ass to The Underground and remember why you fell in love with this genre in the first place. (Alex De Vore) The Elected Officials with Stabbed in Back and APD: 9 pm Friday, Feb. 10. $5. The Underground, 200 W San Francisco St., 577-5893”

—  Alex De Vore, The Santa Fe Reporter


"The Elected Officials play fast-paced, hard-hitting music that is politically charged and angry. Its members are pro-social-justice and anti-corporate-greed. Basically, the band is everything that makes punk rock great...TOE represents legitimate hope for local punk."

—  Alex De Vore, The Santa Fe Reporter

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