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“Opening for MDC, the world's premier politico hardcore band packing chops aplenty, is a difficult undertaking, but the Elected Officials, whose intense global punk perspective infuses every second of their ferocious musicality, which resembles portions of everything from Septic Death and Poison Idea to the Subhumans, False Prophets, and classic '82 punk, left the crowd a broiling mess-heap of sweat, pile ups, and gesticulations, but singer Sophie Rousmaniere has the most elastic facial contortions I've seen in years -- comedy and horror and anger and spite -- completely mesmerizing!”

“The Elected Officials take righteous indignation, and amplify it to high heaven. They embody hardcore, Punk-as-fuck, music with a message. They hit the stage like a Molotov cocktail hits a skyscraper, conquering the venue with their wicked charisma. Rebels with a cause have never sounded so good. ”— Undead Goathead Blog

"The Elected Officials play fast-paced, hard-hitting music that is politically charged and angry. Its members are pro-social-justice and anti-corporate-greed. Basically, the band is everything that makes punk rock great...EO represents legitimate hope for local punk."

—  Alex De Vore, (The Santa Fe Reporter)

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